The Airstream Hunter Facebook Group is a great place to advertised your pre-owned Airstream For Sale. It is free to create your own For Sale listing in our group and advertise your Airstream to over 30,000 group members. It only takes a few minutes to create your free listing.

Let's get started:

Navigate to the Airstream Hunter Facebook Group on Mobile or on your Desktop. If you are using the Facebook App, use the Search bar to search for Airstream Hunter. We have a Facebook Page, and a Facebook Group - you'll want to visit the Group page to create your listing.

The page looks like this on Mobile:

Airstream Hunter Facebook Group - Mobil

On your desktop, you can navigate directly to the Group page from this link: Airstream Hunter Facebook Group

The page looks like this when you arrive:

Airstream Hunter Facebook Group - Desktop

OK - Great! Now you are in the right place and you can start to create your FREE Listing. First open up the blank Listing form.

On Mobile, touch where it says "What Are You Selling", and you will navigate to the blank listing form - it looks like this on Mobil:

Facebook Group Listing Form - Mobile

On Desktop, Click on the box where it says "What Are You Selling" and you will navigate to the blank listing form - it looks like this on desktop:

Facebook Group Listing Form - Desktop

Great - now you are on the blank listing form - here's where you enter all the information about your trailer for sale.

What are you selling: This will be the title of your add, so be sure to include the Make, Year, and Model. You can add more description in the title if space permits

Price: The asking price for your trailer
Zip Code: The location or your trailer - normally your location, but if they are different, use the Zip Code of your trailer's location
Description: Add as much information here as you like - the more info the better when describing your listing

Add some photos to the listing

Photos are REQUIRED for your listing to be approved in the group. The more the better. Photos can make or break your sale, so take clear photos and be sure to document the entire exterior and interior of your listing.

On Mobile, the Photos buttons are in the lower right of the listing form - you can take new photos with your camera (the Camera icon) or add photos from the phone library (the Scenic icon).

On Desktop, click the photos icon on the bottom left of the listing form and select them from your computer photo library.

Note: I do allow links to external photo albums, such as Google Photos in your listing.

Once all of the fields are filled in and you have added some photos, click the Next button - you are ready to publish your listing, but you are not quite done. Facebook gives you the option of adding your listing to multiple places. You'll see the option to add to Facebook Marketplace, as well as other Buy/Sell Facebook groups that you belong to.

Facebook Audience Selections

I would recommend adding your listing to Facebook Marketplace - it's great local exposure for you, kind of like a safer version of Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace listings are only shown to people within 100 miles of their current location.

If you see other Buy/Sell groups listed as places to list, please be mindful and do not list your Airstream for sale in the Knitting Products group, or Motorcycles for Sale - your listing will not be approved and you'll just annoy the admins for those groups

Once you have selected all of the groups you'd like to add your listing in, hit the POST button and your listing will be submitted for approval.

I approve every single new listing in Airstream Hunter to be sure the listings are complete and that they are real and not fraudulent. Please note that I will not approve listings that post links to other listings elsewhere when the information is not already complete on the Group listing form. In other words, you can not just post a link to your eBay listing or Craigslist post on our group page - you need to create a full, complete listing as described above to be listed in Airstream Hunter.

Thank you and Happy Hunting

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